terça-feira, 18 de agosto de 2009

Nino Nardini - Jungle Obsession (1983)

Ai rapaziada, esse é bom. deixo o texto pra algum cara de algum blog doido por ai (Dr Schluss' Garage of Obscurities)

"Many of the tracks here do have a distinct air of familiarity. I'm not sure if that's more from soundtracking use of this material or just from ripping off Martin Denny, but you probably won't have your mind blown. With a rum in juice in hand (well hopefully in a glass first), the groove of this album should become apparent. There's definitely a consistency of jungle-lounge sounds emanating from these French fellows, so I'll simply note that I tend to dig most the wah-wah guitar tracks of "The White Snake" and "Shere Khan," and the light funk of "Bali Girl" and "Tropical." "Mowgli" does a fine job of bouncing back some of the Smile-like sounds. I want to like some of the more mysterious tracks like "Murmuring Leaves" and "Creeping Danger," but I just keep waiting for the damn things to completely morph into "Quiet Village"

Nino Nardini - Jungle Obsession (1983)
1. Jungle Obsession
2. Murmuring Leaves
3. Mowgli
4. Bagheera
5. Creeping Danger
6. Malaysia
7. Jungle Spell
8. The White Snake
9. Shere Khan
10. Tropical Call
11. Bali Girl
12. Jungle Mistery


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